Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov

Dmitry Badiarov is a traditionally trained violin maker and violinist. He started his apprenticeship at the age of 11 and consequently studied in Russia and Italy (Oiberman, Yakimenko, Primon). He graduated from St.Petersburg (Kommisarov) and Brussels Conservatories (Kuijken), taught violin-making in Italy at the School of Arts and Crafts of Pieve di Cento (1997, Ferrara) and at Daikanyama Academy of Music Tokyo (2007-2009). He was also a guest lecturer at Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music (2006-2009), exhibited his instruments at the major fairs in Tokyo, Cremona, New York and Boston. He made instruments for some of the finest musicians, soloists and orchestra members such as Aalborg Symphony, St.Petersburg Philharmonic, La Petite Bande, Bach Collegium Japan etc.

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… a wonderful violin maker, true artist, always in research, never blindly copying anything but following his highest aesthetic standards based on profound knowledge of the whole culture and spirit of the baroque period (among others). The fantastic Violoncello da Spalla, reborn by him is a great instrumental challenge and musical inspiration for me. Many Thanks, again!– Sergey Malov, Russia/Germany, 03.10.2011

  • Alex Dzyubinski, Juilliard, Aalborg Symphony, modern vln as his 1st instrument

  • Dmitry Kosolapov, St.Petersburg Philharmonic, modern viola as his first instrument

  • Sigiswald Kuijken, a set of baroque violins and violas as his 2nd instrument, two violoncellos da spalla as his first instrument

  • More…


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