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Crafting Distinct Violas to Help You Level Up Your Unique Artistry & Become an Even More Inspiring Musician

What Makes Badiarov Violas Unique 

The viola weaves the inner voices, acts as a bass, occasionally takes the spotlight as a solo instrument. Positioned between the loud violins and the powerful cellos, you require a viola that facilitates effortless and balanced play without effort.

Ancient Acoustics

Solid Foundations

Dmitry tailors your Baroque or modern viola using millennia-old culture so you stand out when you need, blend when you want, and sound unmistakably you.

Perfect Fit

Dmitry, with over 30 years of expertise in designing original models, tailors your Baroque or modern viola to fit your body seamlessly.

Right Budget

Dmitry crafts your viola ensuring you get great value for money with a high-quality viola so you can level up your performance without hindrance.

Added Value

Dmitry enhances your journey with his exclusive program, enabling you to plan events, make music, earn money, and lead a life that brings joy to you and your family.


Tomoe Badiarova - viola, violin, violoncello da spalla
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The Sound Of A Badiarov Modern viola

A viola must be easy to play. It should also be comfortable in your hands, allowing you to play for years without jeopardizing your health. To assist viola players with these aspects, I have developed my unique system based on the music system of the ancient master luthiers. With this system, we can shape the sound of your viola before even beginning the crafting process. The sound you, your colleagues and your audiences will love.

The Sound Of A Baroque viola made in 2000

Many Baroque viola players seek an instrument that can produce rich sound across a broad range of performing pitches, from 382Hz to 465Hz. Not every viola can withstand such demands. To help these viola players, I employ my unique historically informed method, coupled with thorough familiarity with Baroque music gained as a former professional player. This ensures that you can be confident you will sound great, regardless of the circumstances, and always sound rich and free.

Sara Kuijken Viola
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Baroque Bow Maker - Ricercar Consort Dido & Aeneas
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That's a great question! To serve my clients on a higher level, I've immersed myself as both a modern and Baroque violinist and violoncellist da spalla, aiming to gain a deep understanding of both: the beyond-the-surface cultural sources of luthiery and your professional perspective, as shown in this video. With Badiarov Violins, you're not just selecting solid craftsmanship, culture and mindset but a luthier with profound musical insight. I uniquely tailor instrument construction to amplify expressive capabilities, ensuring a bespoke viola, violin, or violoncello da spalla that resonates with your artistic intentions, whether you aim to be a concertmaster, a leader, a soloist, or a chamber musician, seeking to level up your performances and become an even more inspiring musician. At Badiarov Violins, music is spoken fluently.

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