Signature Violins

Crafting Distinct Violins to Help You Level Up Your Unique Artistry & Become Even More Inspiring​

What Makes Badiarov Violins Unique 

Many skilled violinists strive to discover a distinct sound. Violin maker Dmitry Badiarov draws inspiration from the cultural heritage of old masters' acoustic knowledge, crafting original work to help you can uncover your distinct sound.

Ancient Acoustics

Solid Foundations

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov crafts your violin with millennia-old culture and the acoustic mastery of old masters, tailoring its sound to you so you stand out and sound unmistakably you.

Perfect Fit

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov crafts your violin to fit your body, so you play in harmony and enjoy a lifelong music career without the pain of common occupational health hazards.

Right Budget

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov crafts your violin ensuring you get great value for money with a high-quality instrument early on, empowering you to realize your potential from the start.

Added Value

I craft your violin and enhance your journey with our exclusive program so you can make music, money, and lead a life that brings you even more joy. Even if you don't have an agent.


Exceptional Baroque & Modern Violins

Early Baroque Music

Early Baroque Violins

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov crafts an Early Baroque violin tailored to your desired core repertoire—whether it be Italian from the Monteverdi epoch, German pre-Bach, or other national styles.

High Baroque Violins

High Baroque Violins

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov crafts a High Baroque violin, ideal for violinists whose repertoire spans from Bach and music from the court of Louis XIV to Mozart, with occasional Early 17th century music.

Romantic | Modern Violins

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov crafts Romantic or Modern violins for violinists whose core repertoire spans from 1800 and they seek a violin that delivers a rich sound and a perfect fit.

Violin Maker with Decades of Musical Experience Speaks Music. Violinists Will Love Feeling Understood & Supported.

Early Baroque Violins | Pre-Bach Composers | Monteverdi

The Personally Crafted For You Early Baroque Violin

Many Baroque violinists, with a focus on Early Baroque music, feel that late Baroque violins do not align with the stylistic nuances of the era. To help these violin players, I created my Early Baroque violin so they can sound stylistically coherent, enrich their performances with breathtaking improvisations, and feel in flow when they are on stage.

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When we get on the call, we will discuss:

  • A violin that reflects the essence and spirit of the rich musical epoch you want to focus on.
  • A violin capable of resonating freely with plain-gut strings at extremely high or extremely low pitches.
  • A violin that can blend with cornettos, trombones, and organs, cutting through strongly when playing at huge venues such as churches. Schedule a call, and we will make it happen by design. Or you pay nothing. 
violin maker Dmitry Badiarov | Netherlands

The Custom-Made Baroque Violins

Today, many Baroque violinists focus on the late 17th and 18th centuries, grappling with the challenge of affording multiple instruments for different periods. To address this, I've developed a unique High Baroque model, allowing you to achieve a rich and reliable sound from 382Hz to 465Hz, regardless of your choice of strings, so you can enhance your results and foster continual artistic growth.

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When we get on the call we will:

  • Explore your concerns about your current instrument and discuss your preferences for the new one.
  • Identify your core repertoire and artistic goals.
  • Address budget considerations to ensure they align with your preferences and goals.
  • We’ll outline the exact process for crafting the violin that is the right fit for you (or you pay nothing).  

The Personally Crafted For You Romantic or Modern Violin

Describing the ideal sound can be an immense challenge for many violinists. Drawing from my experience as a former professional violinist, I possess a deep understanding and a unique process that allows me to create a modern violin tailored to your preferences. So, you can acquire an instrument comparable to 6-7 figure antiques, stand out from the crowd and concentrate on advancing your career and life.

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When we get on the call:

  • We’ll discuss your sound preferences and goals in depth.
  • We’ll talk about what’s currently missing in your instrument.
  • We’ll outline the exact process for crafting the violin that is the right fit for you—or you pay nothing. 


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