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viola maker Dmitry Badiarov

what makes badiarov fine violaS SPECIAL?

fine viola badiarov
Crafting fine violas offers a richness similar to crafting violoncellos da spalla in terms of the sound palette and the incredible variety of sizes available. When you commission your viola from my workshop, we can design an instrument that not only produces the desired sound but also fits your hand like a glove. Custom design is one of the distinctive features of my brand, achieved through the unique system I have developed and refined over 30+ years, now known as The Old Masters T.O.N.E.S. Technique™.​
This system was created by me, and it encapsulates over three decades of my experience in reviving the ancient cultural tradition of the old masters, who used music and music laws in art, architecture, and, of course, musical instruments for over 2000 years. You can find detailed descriptions of this technique in my books on Fine Violin Making and Da Spalla. As Vitruvius once said, “These are the laws used by the skilled workmen who fashion musical instruments in bringing them to the perfection of their proper concords.”
Clients who embrace my unique approach to instrument making and cultural revival often discover a wealth of added value. This approach not only results in exceptional instruments but also proves instrumental in securing financial grants for their one-of-a-kind projects. It’s worth noting that very few music groups, primarily within the realm of early music, are dedicated to such culturally inspired endeavors. Besides my deep professional involvement with Early Music, my journey was deeply influenced by my first master mentor, Oiberman, as well as Yo-Yo Ma’s Silkroad project, both of which continue to inspire my path and the innovative work of my clients.

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