Fine violas

As violas come in a large variety of sizes, there is a much vaster range of proportions and acoustic solutions to choose from.

Мастеровой альт работы Бадьярова


Once the size and sound have been agreed on, I create the instrument on paper. At the same time, I determine the sound, the look and the feel of the finished instrument.

fine viola badiarov

Choice of size

In the course of the years, I have built violas of many different sizes. This has helped me to develop a preferred line of violas while acquiring the necessary experience to create new models for specific needs.

Мастеровые альты на заказ

Choice of materials

For the darker and deeper sound of the viola, I sometimes use softer or thinner material for the top and the back, the ribs and the scroll. I also leave sufficient plate thickness in order to achieve a certain brightness and projection of sound.


  • My viola has an absolutely pure, ideally balanced and powerful tone with a plenitude of overtones and a huge dynamic range. Awesome wood and a perfect masterly work. A true piece of art. I am really happy to own it.

    Dmitry Kosolapov
    Dmitry Kosolapov St.Petersburg Philharmonic
  • Совершенно доволен  моим альтом. Он имеет чистый, идеально сбалансированный и мощный звук, богатый обертонами и огромным динамическим диапазоном. Чудесное дерево! Совершенная, мастерская работа, настоящее произведение искусства!

    Дмитрий Косолапов
    Дмитрий Косолапов Альтист С.Петербургского Заслуженного коллектива России академического симфонического оркестра филармонии
  • Thank you for your great instrument!!!

    Miguel Falomir
    Miguel Falomir Violist, professor
  • Спасибо за ваш великолепный инструмент!!!

    Мигель Фаломир
    Мигель Фаломир Альтист квартета, преподаватель

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