I have been making fine violins for twenty-five years. In the tradition of the ancient masters. Each of my instruments is completely unique.

Мастеровая скрипка работы Бадьярова


I start at the drawing-board, with a sketch, and I define three main aspects: the sound, the look, and the feel at the player's hand.

Мастеровая скрипка работы Бадьярова


Excellent quality of materials, exact proportions and the right plate thickness are the necessary conditions for the production of robust instruments with a durable rich and beautiful sound.


Работа Скрипичного мастера Дмитрия Бадьярова


The ancient varnishes are based on simple formulas but in the course of time I discovered that they require correct preparation and application.


  • I am so fortunate to own a Badiarov violin! Dmitry is truly a one of a kind violin maker! The sound and quality of his instruments are unparalleled! He not only knows his craft incredibly well, but can see and sense the unique personality and needs of musicians and build instruments accordingly. I cannot be any happier with the instrument he has made for me!  

    Alex Dzyubinsky
    Alex Dzyubinsky Aalborg Symphony
  • Я очень доволен моей скрипкой работы Бадьярова! Дмитрий действительно уникальный мастер. Звук и качество его инструментов не имеют равных. Он не только очень хорошо знает свое ремесло, но понимает и чувствует индивидуальность каждого музыканта, и соответственно создает инструменты.

    Александр Дзюбинский
    Александр Дзюбинский Скрипач алборгской филармонии

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