World’s Biggest Violin: Da Spalla

When the song “World’s Smallest Violin” has taken the world by storm, I thought I should share with you the sound of the World’s Biggest Violin: Da Spalla.

I am doing this because if you are a freelance, independent or Baroque violinist or violist you might be inspired by all the music you could make on the instrument known today as Violoncello da spalla.

Playing music on a violin is one thing. But when your entire body turns into a musical instrument – that’s a totally different thing and that’s what it feels like playing an instrument that large against your… well, anatomically speaking, against your heart.

And that gives YOUR audience yet another reason to give their hearts to you.

While for violinists and violists it’s pretty straight forward, it is less straight forward for luthiers, but even that is doable.

Here is how I have done it: I simply spend 6 months travelling across Europe doing my research, just to create the design that would be the right fit for some of today’s biggest spalla pioneers, plus almost two decades to perfect it.

Of course, there was no guarantee that my research would result in anything usable, but it came at a cost of €72000 just the make the drawing. If you can afford this, you are welcome to do it. For me it was a labour of love, and my love for music is worth more.

But, I get it, maybe you don’t have the time… Or the resources. Or perhaps you just don’t want to take any risks.

How to create a spalla drawing made from the remains of more than 50 historical spallas is in my book:

But still, busy experienced instrument makers just don’t have the time for books, and maybe they don’t want to spend two decades to learn from experience.

This is why I teach instrument makers how to build a spalla, that way they don’t have to risk a thing or waste their precious time on guesswork. The truth is, it is not the easiest of tasks to bring back to life a piece of musical culture that has been lost.

You can learn how this works at the Virtual Luthiers Summit:

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