Three Tips To Surviving This (and more in the video) As a Violin Or Guitar Maker. In this video I am answering a profound question from an outstanding luthier.

Luthiers and instrument makers will learn about a popular, yet not a great place to position yourself in the market.

You will also learn about the three things you need to know to enjoy more success with less struggle, less stress and in a shorter time.

This is potentially a very polarising video. And a lot of luthiers and musicians won’t be pleased with what I say. But I’d rather be helpful, than neutral.

Chapters in this video:

A honest question from a very talented luthier – 0:48
The three tips to enjoying more success as a luthier: the tip number 1 – 2:03
The tip number number two with two steps inside 2:43
The first step and area of focus to position your workshop better – 3:12
The question is what is the instrument for – 4:28
The second step to placing yourself better in the market – 5:31

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