Violin Makers And Luthiers: How To Improve Trust Of Your Customers? By using this scientifically proven approach which I am sharing with you in this video. I hope it helps.

Making your customers co-creators of value (your violin, viola, cello, guitar etc) is the key. Because by doing so you’re taking into account musician’s psychology.

Luthiers love the process of crafting their instruments so much, that it is easy to forget WHY and WHO it is all about: the musician.

Remember: violinists, violists, lutenists, guitarists appreciate when THEY are in the focus. Luthiers who ignore this lead their business to struggle (and maybe even sink).

Do this, and double, triple, even quadruple your income as a luthier, violin maker, guitar maker, lute maker, viola da spalla maker (and if you don’t care about money, make it, and give it away to help someone who needs it).

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