Luthier, violin maker, guitar maker: you want to craft great instruments. And you want clients. And you know, that even after making hundreds of outstanding instruments, getting more clients isn’t easy.

You have probably spent hours building a fancy website. You spent years creating your brand on Social. Chances are, you are charging for your instruments a very reasonable (maybe even cheap) price. And still, despite all this effort potentially you found out that getting more and better clients is a hard work.

I understand that you might feel sometimes like no one gives a damn about you, your skills, your passion, your dedication, your person. And this frustration just adds up over time.

Some luthiers decided to give up on anything that isn’t a piece of wood, that’s a great self-defence mechanism, but ultimately, ignoring the issue does not help. Your workshop needs clients. Period.

In the past few years I’ve helped dozens of luthiers and violin makers. I’ve created several six-figure success stories, in several cases going from €0 and no business at all to €100000 in 12 months, helping to increase their income by 100% in a matter of weeks. Some of these luthiers have become lifelong friends.

The thing is, what you think is the harsh reality does not survive a very simple test by math.
People do care about you. However, do enough people know you even exist? I mean, honestly, do they?

You can leave everything as is, and potentially struggle for another decade, two or three.
Or you can implement what you learned form this video lesson and create the success you always wanted.

And if you are interested in making this year your best year yet, join us at the Virtual Luthier’s Summit, It’s FREE:

p.s. I get it, you maybe don’t care about making money, still: make it, and give it away. Make a difference in someone’s life.

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