Instrument makers and violin makers, Maestros. Is pricing important?

Hey, I am getting it! This subject is if not taboo, it is at least a very unpopular thing to discuss! But, would you potentially agree, it is important?

The problem with pricing is this. If it’s not right, it’s probably wrong. Without the right strategy, you’re either too cheap or too expensive. Anyway, what does it tell your customers if you’re too cheap or like everybody?

And this is what I am going to teach a group of open-minded instrument makers the next Monday: the pricing strategies. The goal is not just giving them a theory. The goal is to help them with the hands-on implementation of the knowledge.

If you found a bit of value in this tip, you might LOVE to learn more about what I do when I work with colleagues.

The great news is, you even don’t have to wait for my book on Fine Violin Making to be out. Instead, you can be respectful of your time and grab the FREE bonuses on the book’s website now.

Tap below and start learning:


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