“The Italians considered it such a powerful aphrodisiac they banned it in the 1960s” ~ The Guardian.

Do you LOVE great stories and great taste?

Islay whiskies have lots of stories. And while this poem is not about whisky, it is from Islay, and it draws ever more visitors to the island.

How good the island is? Imagine smelling the island before you see it. That smoky flavour coming your way from afar, over the deep blue-black waves reflecting the colours of sunset. If you were with us on a sailboat on the approach to Port-Ellen, you would have experienced this first hand too.

The poem is about the Pope banning Islay cheese for its alleged aphrodisiac qualities! Guess what? It made a headline or two, attracted even more visitors to the island and inspired even more storytelling.

People LOVE stories! If you have a service or product, you need a story. Without a story? Okay, people will buy your product anyway, especially if it is alcoholic if not an aphrodisiac.

But they won’t fall in love quite as much.

Evidence? Yes! Bremont watches, Moleskine notebook, Badiarov violins… (Disclaimer: aphrodisiac qualities of Badiarov baroque violins and Violoncellos da spalla haven’t been scientifically studied).

So, is it worth it crafting a story?

I leave you with the story of Islay Cheese:

You Highland women I implore
Upon my bended knees,
Please do not eat one morsel more
Of that awful Islay cheese.

No more the “Tallies” smack their lips
O’ er mounds of macaroni ;
They are not moved by fish and chips,
It’s islay cheese for Tony.

Vincente Dopi – ninety-two –
Well past all thoughts of fun,
Ate half a pound and what he’d do,
But go and squeeze a nun.

The Pope has cried “Enough, enough,
Away with this love potion,
The wild and wanton Islay stuff
That puts them in the motion.

I banned the Pill – a sinful curse –
– I felt their moral soar –
And now there comes a thing far worse,
This menace from Bowmore.”

Luigi Sili – eighty-four –
And never termed a flirt,
Went tearing out his own back door,
Chasing a mini skirt.

An old and shaking Genoese,
His pension was collectin’
Ate just one bite of Islay cheese
And now his wife is expectin’.

He chews a chunk and softly sighs,
“How I love this glorious cheesa,”
Looks up aloft and loudly cries :
“Get up them stairs, Teresa.”

The old wife prays upon her knees
“Oh Lord, restrain his saillies,
And from this awful Islay cheese,
Protect us poor old Tallies.”

From “Whisky Legends of Islay” by Robin Laing

I hope you found this enjoyable. Got this bottle as a present from my faithful sailing dream team. Thank you, Natalia, Cyril and Irina, led and inspired by Captain Strawberry through big waves, dark night and dense fog.
#Thecaptainsband #VioloncelloDaSpalla #badiarovviolins
#LoveLife Bakalli Beng it’s your violin on the bench.


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