Whether you are a #violinist or #violist or #cellist or a #luthier or a professional #violinmaker, you might find this information relevant. We work both hard and smart, helping musicians to fulfil their musical aspirations. No matter what. Happy New Week!

The coming Friday at 16:00 – 17:30 (Amsterdam time)
I am hosting the next meeting of the Elite Luthiers Academy (online) Super excited!
The topic: What Is Price? How to serve more musicians and get paid for your work what your talent deserves.

As a result of this course attendees will:
🔥 1. Learn about the building blocks of a price.
🔥 2. Learn how to evaluate newly built instruments.
🔥 3. Feel confident even under attack when someone tries to devalue the fruits of your labour, sometimes a lifetime of labour.
🔥 4. Discover about common pricing mistakes.
🔥 5. Learn about pricing psychology and how it works for or against you.
🔥 6. Build your pricing approach based on a proven… More


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