About our atelier

Violin Maker Dmitry Badiarov

Dmitry Badiarov was born in Russia, in 1969. He started playing the violin at the age of 8 with professor Semyon Ziskind. At the age of 11 he apprenticed to the violin-maker Vladimir Oiberman. He graduated from St.Petersburg Conservatoire (professors Mark Komissarov and Oleg Shoulpiakov) and from Brussels Royal Conservatoire (professor Sigiswald Kuijken, baroque violin). He also apprenticed with master violin-maker Vladimir Yakimenko in St.Petersburg from 1990 to 1992  and in 1997 he frequented the class of master violin-maker Luca Primon at the Civic School of Violin-Making in Milan.

He made his first violin in 1992. The violin received a Deed of Honour at the National Competition of Violin-makers in Moscow in 1992. He felt the values promoted by the competitions had little connection with the values of the epoch when the violin was created. Despite his success at the Competition he decided to study esthetics and history of the 17th-18th century violin-making instead of participating in other competitions.

For the sake of study he moved to Belgium in 1994. He enrolled at Brussels Royal Conservatoire to study the baroque violin under professor Sigiswald Kuijken. Since 1994 he traveled extensively across Europe visiting major museums and libraries in Paris, London, Oxford, Utrecht, The Hague, Milan etc. Since 1995 he worked for La Petite Bande during 12 years and Ricercar Consort during 4 years, both as violinist and violin-maker.

In 1997 he was invited to lecture on the historical aspects of violin a the School of Arts and Crafts in Pieve di Cento (Ferrara, Italy). In 2005 and 2010 he was invited to give lectures at the conservatories of The Hague and Utrecht respectively. In 2006 he was invited to give a three days seminar on various aspects of the violin at Daikanyama Academy of Music in Tokyo, where he consequently taught violin-making from 2007 through 2009.

From 2006 through 2009 he was a guest lecturer at the National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo. He was a member of the British Violin Making Association and Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments and participated in a number of International violin exhibitions in Bruges (Belgium), Cremona, Boston, Tokyo and New York.

Soloists such as Ryo Terakado, Sergey Malov, Sigiswald Kuijken play on instruments made by Dmitry Badiarov. His instruments can be found in orchestras such as St.Petersburg Philharmonic, Aalborg Philharmonic, La Petite Bande and other baroque ensembles in Europe, Japan, Korea and Australia, in the hands of graduates of St.Petersburg State Conservatoire, Brussels Royal Conservatoire, Juilliard and Manhattan Schools of Music, Toho University and The National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo.

Education mile-stones

1994-2001 – Brussels Royal Conservatoire (baroque violin, under Sigiswald Kuijken; aesthetics of Baroque music and historical documentation under Peter Van Heyghen)

1997 – a brief course at Civic School of Violin-Making in Milan with Luca Primon.

1989 – 1993 – State St.Petersburg Conservatoire (modern violin, under Mark Komissarov and Oleg Shulpiakov)

1989 – 1992 – Apprenticeship to the violin-maker Vladimir Yakimenko in St.Petersburg

1985-1988 – Violin-playing with Irina Etigon and Mark Komissarov in St.Petersburg

1985-1989 – Private lessons of painting with Andrey Pakhomov in St.Petersburg

1980 – 1984 – Apprenticeship to the violin-maker Vladimir Oiberman in Nalchik

1977 – 1985 – Violin-playing with Semyon Ziskind

Experience mile-stones

2010 –          Badiarov Violins™ studio in The Hague

2006-2010  Badiarov Violins™ studio in Tokyo

2007-2009  teacher of violin-making at Daikanyama Academy of Music

2006-2009  guest lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

2002-2006  part-time member of Ricercar Consort

2004             re-introduction of the violoncello da spalla onto the concert stage

2001-2006  Badiarov Violins™ studio in Brussels

1997            guest teacher at Scuola di Artigianato Artistico di Pieve di Cento (Ferrara, Italy)

1994-2006  member of La Petite Bande

1992-1994  Badiarov Violins™ studio in St. Petersburg


2014 – New York Mondomusica (April 10-12)

2013 – Boston Early Music Festival exhibition (June 12-15)

2013 – New York Mondomusica (March 15-17).

2012 – Cremona Mondomusica

2011 – Tokyo Gengakki Fair

2002 – Bruges Early Music Exhibition (Belgium)

2003 – Brussels


2010 – Dag van La Petite Bande (Leuven)

2008 – Tokyo (Omi Gakudo & Mejiro Barock Festival)

2007 – Tokyo (Opera City Recital Hall)

2005 – Tokyo (Omi Gakudo)

Major lectures

2012 – Lecture at Sorbonne University, Paris. Preserving the Heritage: solving problems in the preservation of historical stringed instruments.

2012 – Lecture at the Conference of Association Europeenne de Conservatoires in Bremen. Preserving the Heritage: solving problems in the preservation of historical stringed instruments.


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