Musicians who play on my instruments

  • I am so fortunate to own a Badiarov violin! Dmitry is truly one of a kind maker! The sound and quality of his instruments are unparalleled! He not only knows his craft incredibly well, but can see and sense the unique personality and needs of musicians and build instruments accordingly. I cannot be any happier with the instrument he has made for me! — Alex Dzyubinsky, Juilliard School of Music, New York, 14.08.2013
  • Thanks a lot for your beautiful instrument! I could even not sleep, waking up every hour to play a little. It was not simple but a very correct decision to acquire it.. — Boris Corchesco, Manhattan School of Music, New York, 17.03.2013
  • It sounds great! I also get complements form people about the violin, so I talk about you loudly — Ryo Terakado, 04.10.2012
  • … a wonderful violin-maker, a true artist, always in research, never blindly copying anything but following his highest aesthetic standards  based on profound knowledge of the whole culture and spirit of the baroque period (among others). The fantastic Violoncello da Spalla, reborn by him is a great instrumental challenge and musical inspiration for me. Many Thanks, again!– Sergey Malov, Russia/Germany, 03.10.2011
  • Amazing, how well it works! – Sigiswald Kuijken, Belgium
  • We just had our second concert with Schütz / Monteverdi program – it goes very well, the instrumets really convince us, the colleagues and the audience! — Sigiswald Kuijken, Belgium


Artists familiar with my work

  • I was especially impressed by the sound of the Badiarov violin. It was most fascinating to find such an intense sound and full of overtones. — Razvan Stoica, 20.01.2013
  • I thought this was an antique Italian — Viktoria Mullova, Great Britain, 16.05.2012
  • Luthier de génie — Hubert Stoecklin, resmusica.com, France, 29.08.2007
  • I can not explain why, but his instruments have purely Italian character. — Renato Scrollavezza, violin-maker in Italy, 1995


Musicians using my baroque bows

  • I absolutely love it. It plays practically by itself and has a wonderful full but clear sound. It even works fabulously with my modern violin, which is not the case with all other baroque bows I have used. Thank you! — Margaret MacDuffie
  • Your bow is more than nice, it’s simply fantastic, dare I say perfect….I love it….thank you!  — Jamie Hey, March 20, 2011‎.
  • Dmitry, I just want to tell you again how much I am enjoying the beautiful bow you made for me. It’s so very fine to use and I’m incredibly happy with it.” — Jamie Hey, September 13, 2011
  • I really enjoy playing with your bow. It is a fantastic bow! I am very happy with it. — Madoka Nakamaru, Belgium, 30.10.2010


Last but not least in my profession : familiarity with the instrument

  • I loved the quiet, tender and refined spalla’s sound which could be compared with that of a baritone; the natural, ingenuous sound does not exist in the modern instruments…  — 23/05/2005, YOMIURI newspaper, Japan
  • “a recording of excellent artistry and selects it as one of the “Quarterly Best” of new Releases for the First Quarter 2011” (J.S.Bach, Suites for violoncello da spalla, Ramee RAM 1003  — German Record Critic’s Award, Bonn 15th February 2011.
  • “it was on the part of [luthier] Dmitry Badiarov who could re-construct the new instrument, suitable for real performances… Overflown with spirit, his quick-witted performance is motivated by freedom of creativity based on his deep knowledge of Historically Informed Performance Practice. — 2011 January, The Record Geijutsu Special Recommendation
  • “…and ‘Bleib bei uns’ an obbligato played with breathtaking virtuosity on a reconstructed ‘violoncello da spada’ by Dmitry Badiarov” — Classic FM, December 2007
  • “Known both as violinist and violin-maker, Dmitry Badiarov has reconstructed a shoulder-cello and presented it at this recital (Tokyo Opera City, Omi Gakudo, 30 April, 2006)… Distinct character was given to each movement of the Suites… The charm and expressive possibilities of the violoncello da spalla were presented very convincingly.”  — Ongakunotomo, July 2006
  • Con Dmitry Badiarov torna la tradizione dei raffinati salotti musicali settecenteschi” (The tradition of the refined 17th century music saloons returns with Dmitry Badiarov) — 03/06/1998, Cronaca di Rovereto, Italy.


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