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Antonio Stradivari violin, 1697

Another Antonio Stradivari violin in my hands. Known as The Molitor, this violin was made by Antonio Stradivari in Cremona in 1697. The year 1697 is f...

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Alena Baeva at Concertgebouw

Thank you, Alena, for your stunning, fiery, sincere, powerful, elegant, touching performance yesterday, the 14th of December, at Concertgebouw Amsterd...

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Why do Strads have that amazing sound?

One very fine violinist recently asked, after my carrying out tonal adjustments on his J.-B.Vuillaume violin, “Why do Strads have that amazing s...

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The Strad | Violoncello da spalla – story of a rediscovery

TheStrad has recently published this story: Dmitry Badiarov, who crafted the violoncello da spalla that will make its London debut in the hands of Sig...

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18th December 1737 died Antonio Stradivari

18th December 1737, Antonio Stradivari died at the age of 93....

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“Jules Falk”, 1723 Stradivari violin

“Jules Falk”, 1723 Stradivari violin I have had the honour to play on recently and enjoy hearing it in a concert of Viktoria Mullova in Fr...

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A Stradivari I played recently

One of the best Stradivari violins I’ve ever played on. Recently I played on it for an hour or so. An ocean of sound! This is the ex-Kreisler, ...

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Meeting Sam Zygmuntowicz

One of the remarkable meetings this year, at Mondomusica New York exhibition. Love to hear Sam is making Zygmuntowicz violins, rather than so called S...

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Razvan Stoica on a Badiarov violin

December 2012 — Razvan Stoica, of whom  Meunsteriche Zeitung wrote, “He is most likely becoming one of the greatest violinists of his gen...

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A.Stradivari violin from USSR

Probably the last century myth of the italian varnish was born out of wrecked violins just like this poor Stradivari. Admittedly it sounds not too bad...

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