Make your own violin


Do you feel you need a violin, or a viola, or both? Do you want to achieve something you would be proud of? Do it while you are in The Netherlands. Build your own instrument under my guidance. We can discuss the details of the curriculum over a cup of tea at my atelier.

My first experience related to teaching violin-making was in 1997 at the School of Arts and Crafts in Pieve di Cento near Ferrara. I taught historical aspects of the violin for a class of future instrument restorers. Sharing knowledge with a group of people eager to learn was a joy. I can bear someone’s inability to complete a difficult task at once, be it the first time, the third time or the fifth time, I have a lot of patience. The only thing I cannot bear is indifference.

Since 1997 I gave master-classes at various locations around Europe, Mexico and Asia. However I started teaching systematically only at the school of violin-making within the Daikanyama Academy of Music in Tokyo in 2007-2009. It is then I came to the conclusion that I really love teaching. Most of my pupils are professionals in various fields, but what is common for everybody is the fact most of them play the violin, love the violin and want to create their own instruments.

Seeing that inspired spark in the eyes of my pupils when they complete their first violin makes me feel it is worth living for it. Some of my pupils repeated the course up to two-three times and continue making violins to this date without my guidance.