Selected articles by Dmitry Badiarov.The Galpin Society Journal, Oxford

18. The Galpin Society Journal, Oxford. April 2007, Vol.60, The Violoncello, Viola da Spalla and Viola Pomposa in Theory and Practice. (With the kind permission from the Editor)

17. April 2008, Galpin Society Journal, Vol.61, Errata, and More on the Violoncello da Spalla of the Italians.

Historical Violin Newsletter, Brussels
16. January, 2004, Vol.2, N°1: On the Early Violin Bridge Position.

15. April, 2004, Vol.2, N°2: Good Gut Strings, modern criteria versus historical.

14. July, 2003, Vol.1, N°1: Holding the Violin – a historical approach.

Entrée, Early Music Magazine, Tokyo
13. N°145, 2003 1&2, On Baroque Violin

12. N°176,2006, 3, Violoncello da spalla in the works of J.S.Bach

Walk art magazine, Mito (Japan)
11. N°43, Dec. 2001, Mosaic of Early Violin.

Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments, Oxford
10. Jan 2001 # 102, C-1743: Some evidence from an old violin.
9. Apr 1999 # 95, C-1630: Violin neck; the changes from baroque to modern.

8. Jul 1998 # 92, C-1594: On the early violin bridge position.

Accademia di Musica Antica, Rovereto
5. April 1998, Alcuni aspetti organologici del violino barocco. A cura di prof. Marco Tiella.

Scuola di Artiggianato Artistico, Pieve di Cento, Ferrara

4.May 1998(?), Il manico del violino. A cura di Prof. Marco Tiella.
3. April 1998, Vernici storici e polish. A cura di Prof. Marco Tiella.
2. March 1998, Alcuni aspetti organologici del violino barocco. A cura di Prof. Marco Tiella.

1. Database of Violin Iconography, 1997 ( currently unavailable)

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