Violin making class

I teach designing and making fine violins on request.
In 1997, I gave a master class in Italy, at the School of Fine Arts and Crafts in Pieve di Cento, Ferrara. From 2006 to 2009 I taught violin making at Daikanyama Academy of Music in Tokyo, at the department of violin making.

A complete course takes approximately 200 hours. For example, if working one day a week, you will finish a violin or viola, including a basic varnish, in 33 days. Trainees are required to purchase their own materials, strings and accessories as well as necessary carving tools.

A class costs € 50 per hour, incl. VAT.

After finishing a first instrument, trainees who want to build more instruments, are welcome to use my workshop at the daily rate of € 96.80, incl. VAT.

  • "I have been taking violin making lessons with Dmitry for almost three years. I have just completed my second violin and am about to embark on my third instrument.
    Dmitry takes a structured approach to teaching violin making, which results in a solid foundation and the development of correct technique and skills. I started with very basic wood working skills, which have developed over the years under Dimity's guidance. Though I still have a lot to learn, I have developed a solid foundation and understanding of violin making. I now own and play, two amazing violins made by me. An achievement that I am truly proud of.
    Learning the art of violin making from such a generous person has exceeded all my expectations. I would encourage anybody with an interest in violins to give violin making a chance. It will change your life."

    Arnaud Wiehe
    Arnaud Wiehe

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