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“How much is it for a Violoncello da Spalla (Baroque violin etc)?”

A question I hear daily. And the answer is: it depends. What do I mean?

What I mean is:

It is one thing an instrument just for fun. To play on an occasional weekend with a spouse or in a circle of friends.

And it is a very different thing an instrument that opens up doors to new opportunities, allows you to play with ease, flow, and freedom, makes you an exponentially better musician automatically, saves you years of time, demands respect from colleagues, audiences, and employers, saves you tens, if not hundreds of thousands of euros, that looks and sounds great.

Before I can give you an answer that is the right fit, I need to know: What do you want? Why you want it now? Why me?

Instead of exchanging miles of emails, I am inviting you to have a short conversation on the phone.

You can begin by clicking here, and picking your time slot for a FREE consultation. Once you picked your time slot, you will be shown a simple questionnaire that will help you get way more clarity regarding what you want, and it will help me to prepare for the call so I can give you advice that is the right fit.

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