“If you want your music to be heard, create a legacy, a mark the world can’t ignore or erase”.

Who am I and why you, an amazing violinist, violist, or aspiring Violoncellist da Spalla should be listening? Before I tell you a few words about myself and why you should be listening, I want to begin by asking you a question: Do you want your music to be heard?

Join me on a journey! It is September 1994, you are in Brussels, Belgium. It is a warm day. You hear the cooing of pigeons and the sounds of Baroque violins. My dream just came true: I became a baroque violin student of the celebrated Sigiswald Kuijken.

“Sigiswald, What you have done in music is so inspiring! I want to do research and do the same in violin making”.

“Dmitry, I believe your research would be important. Go ahead! And keep me informed!”

Feeling excited, you see me spending months reading ancient books and testing everything on violins. However soon I discovered I am the only one excited.

One rainy day you see me running all around the city of Brussels showing my instruments to the musicians hoping to sell them for as low as 1000 dollars, enthusiastic about my findings. However, all I hear from musicians is this: “Stop trying to reinvent the wheel! Stradivari has established the standard!”, “Make copies this is what musicians want!”,“You will never succeed as a violin maker!”

Have you ever heard Leonardo da Vinci’s saying, “The art of painting declines and perishes when artists have no other source of inspiration but the art already created?” Well, I felt it is my life and my dream that is perishes before my eyes. What if they are right? what if I will never succeed?

Feeling deeply depressed and angry, I crashed the violin I loved so much and I promised myself to never touch violin making again. [LAUGHT]


Fast forward, it is January 1995. Legendary orchestra La Petite Bande invites me as a violinist. Another dream comes true! Countless concerts, festivals, CD productions. However… I felt like living someone else’s life.  I shared my doubts with Kuijken, and with his encouragement you would see me drawing violins during concert tours, in my notebooks, even on restaurant paper placemats, and making up to 4 violins in a month to test my findings. At last, major breakthrough! World-class violinist Ryo Terakado bought a  violin based not on a poster but on the ancient laws of acoustics. How would you feel in my place, when after years of failure you finally made it work? I felt I was onto something really inspiring, something worthwhile!


Fast forward 2002, Brussels. Gradually I figured out what works and what does not. And I actually became pretty good at it. Musicians in my surrounding became interested in the system I discovered. They saw it actually delivers great results. So they started ordering my instruments without even visiting me or testing my instruments first. This small success followed by bigger successes.

World-class musicians too got attracted by the idea of having an ancient story built-in in their instruments. Sergey Malov ordered a Violoncello da spalla and a violin of my work. Ryo Terakado ordered a spalla and two violins. Sigiswald Kuijken ordered two spallas and four early baroque violins. Since then I helped lots of musicians to acquire custom-designed instruments of my work which otherwise would cost them six figures.

This led to more success and got me featured in major news such as FOX, The Nikkei News, The Strad Magazine, Radio France, the Dutch RTL-Z TV, NBC, Business Innovator, and countless others. I  became an award-winning speaker and mentor in my own rights, known as the Ambassador to Ancient Traditions.

As a result of my life, I discovered: If you want your music to be heard, stand out when others will blend in. And leave a legacy, a mark the world can’t ignore or erase. And the good news is, there are 2 thousand years of European culture beneath fine violin design, to help you do just that. Today I love doing nothing more than helping other instrument makers master the ancient acoustic principles, and helping my clients’ musicians achieve their goals.

Here is what I suggest we do: if you are looking not just for an instrument but for an instrument that will help you fulfill your dreams, click on the button and schedule your FREE 90 minutes consultation.

During this consultation, we will speak in-depth about the type of sound you like, what you want to achieve, and what instrument will be the right fit for you, without your having to go into debt for life. You will get total clarity regarding what instrument is the right fit for you. We will shift your perspective and you will see what’s possible.

I guarantee you will have plenty of ah-ha moments.

Give your eyes some rest and listen to this story instead.

La Petite Bande, live-recording from Osaka.

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