Join us on Luthiers & Legacy: Zeljko is a luthier-acoustician and an expert at setting up instruments of the violin family for their maximum acoustic response.

He served a large number of famous soloists. To name just a few: Zeljko worked with the three Stradivari violins of Frank Peter Zimmermann, a Testore viola of Yuri Bashmet, Victor Tretiakov’s Guadagnini, Maxim Vengerov's Stradivari, Leonidas Kavakos's
Stradivari, Vadim Repin’s Guarneri, Janine Jansen's Stradivari, and Christophe Coin's Gagliano among countless other celebrated musicians and their instruments. Zeljko is regularly invited to speak at conferences, and he was starring in a documentary produced on Arte TV.

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