More than one musician told me the future of music is in hands of less good musicians, better "businessmusicians".

What do you think?

I haven't found scientific proof that being more successful makes one a worse musician.

However, being less successful contributes into the official statistics: 65% depression rate among even great musicians (The Strad), 71% anxiety, 60% not earning enough.

Unfortunately, today even great musicians sometimes achieve less than they deserve just because the world has changed.

Before, people were reading newspapers, listening to radio, going to concerts…

Today… they just watch their mobile phones…

Good news is you can use the change to your advantage, and it is even easy.

I want to hold a very small, very exclusive online masterclass so I can answer your questions.

And I want to give you four 60 second proven video scripts to grow your career and:

1. Immediately create some fans.
2. Get them into your list.
3. Make some money. Whether you're want to play a concert, or sell a CD, or give a masterclass, or give music classes, or organise a music-retreat, an academy… or even if you want to find others to do this for you at certain stage.

Why I do this when I could simply keep all this knowledge to myself? After all, I've put lots of time and lots of money into learning these techniques, right?

The thing is, besides being an instrument maker (and I made lots of fine instruments, some world famous musicians ordered up to six), I love music and I performed professionally for many years, sometimes as first violinist, sometimes as second, sometimes as a leader, sometimes as a soloist, on violin, or violoncello da spalla, or even a mandolin. I even played with a string quartet.

When I lost my job to adversity I had to figure out how to continue playing and I did. Even at majour concert venues. Even without being famous and even without being full-time musician.

I have seen this knowledge is wanted by many musicians who does not want to be the statistics.

Now that you know, what do you want, to be the statistics or beat the statistics?

See you tomorrow at 1500 Amsterdam time.

p.s. In the past four weeks about 500 musicians registered for this event online and some travelled 10,000km to learn this and some other things from me LIVE.

But tomorrow I will do it online again so you don't have to travel. And learn for free. However, questions will be taken only from the first ten in the first row. So, login at least 5-10 minutes earlier. Starting 15:00 Amsterdam time, sharp.…


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