Do I look like a violin maker in this video? Or do I like a musician?

I bet I don't.

And is it just because I know something potentially a few violin makers and even a few musicians do not know? Maybe even you do not know?

If you don't – worry not! It is absolutely not your fault. It's the world's fault.

How do I know?

I've graduated from two conservatoires. They did not teach this.

I've attended a school of Violin making in Milan, 6 months under Luca Primon. They did not teach this.

I know hundreds of musicians and dozens , maybe hundreds, of violin makers, and nobody told me they were taught this.

If you have been to my web-class, you know what I am talking about and you will receive invitation to Q&As next Monday.

If you haven't, you've missed out this time. But worry not, if you see value in what I do, simply stay in touch.

Happy New Saturday and lots of love from The Hague, The Netherlands

p.s. And, hey, if you don't see value in what I do, that's OKay. Some people don't. Please do yourself a favour and "Unlike" my page but do not waste your time sending me hate mail (which I do not read anyway). Lots of love.

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