A true story shared by a friend, a violist and violin maker.

"You wanna be a violin maker? Are you crazy?! Who needs a new violin today? If you're a professional – you play an antique violin. If you're an amateur – you play Chinese! Nobody today buys new violins!", you see a conductor shouting at the musician of his orchestra, a musician who happens to be a friend whom I have known for 20 something years.

My friend was in pain as she heard these words and as she shared this with me, and I felt sorry for her having to play in an orchestra where the conductor has no respect for the feelings of his musicians.

How would you feel?

I find it hypocritical the notion that if you're a professional you play an antique.

Firstly, I believe, today there are so many makers who make instruments far better than most antiques, yes or no?

Secondly, I believe, dead makers won't keep the tradition of professional instrument making alive, and I think it's worth it because it is a cultural tradition without which Classical music cannot exist. Would you agree it's a worthy heritage?

Thirdly, would you agree, you can still end up playing an antique instrument, even a very fine one, under such a conductor and feel not really amazing?

If you believe, precious traditions such as these exist for granted, just look at the overall state of Classical music, OK, I believe, they just don't exist for granted, yes or no?

And when you're an instrument maker who does something obviously outrageous – for example revive a tradition in Classical music that has been ignored for centuries I discovered – lots of people care and resonate with this.

And this includes great musicians and even the news media. I noticed, news prefer newsworthy news.

The prove is, colleagues of mine who started making Violoncellos da spalla and got featured on radio, newspapers, which also happened with myself.

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