Meeting Mimmo Peruffo in Utrecht yesterday to test new strings.

Currently available choices of Violoncello da spalla strings:

1. Silk-based strings for Violoncello da spalla by Eliakim Boussoir and Alexandre

2. Synthetic VDS strings by Thomastic (by order only)

3. Natural g.u.t. strings by Aquila and a few other makers (available any time).

4. Sensicore Long Viola Octave – primarily targeting jazz players who play only with electric pick up.

5. Soon, hopefully, new synthetic core strings silver-wound by Aquila for players not familiar with natural strigns.

6. Any fractional cello strings. Now, this is frequently used, but all of these strings are of terrible quality and I do not recommend even trying them because this will give you a completely wrong impression of VDS.

This is really sad for cello playing children!

I hope some string-making company currently making fractional cello strings will want to learn from VDS string making experience and want to improve the quality of their fractionial cello strings, which will make lives of children playing cellos a lot more fun.

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