How does the violin sound without strings? 😲 Play this video to find out.

He is an Italian violinist in Italy, looking like… he might easily be an actor for the role of Schubert.

He wrote:

“Situation in Italy is just a tragedy! No one cares about culture,
all I meet is a wall of disinterest and lack of money for music!”

If you are a musician, have you ever been in a situation where you felt
that in your country people don't care about culture, that there is no money for classical music?

So if you felt like that I have great news for you because
I want to share how:

* I got on a concert stages,
* surrounded myself with people who really appreciate what I do,
* played repertoire of my choice with musicians of my choice,
* played when and where I want,
* generated up to 5,000 Euros per concept,
* get on the national TV, newspapers, radio, magazines…

Although no one knew my name, although I had zero budget, no promoters, no agents, no festivals, no mafioso contacts in the industry.

And you can simply copy what I did.

You see, getting paid, getting recognized, being fulfilled as a musician
is just a skill like playing a musical instrument, and this skill is not taught
at the universities or conservatories.

So, if you're feeling tot 100% fulfilled: NOT your fault! It's their fault. It's by design of the system: music is a multi-million dollar industry… there is no money just for the musicians.

But now someone has to do something about it, and it's you, no one else will. Yes or no?

What you have to do now is click on the button, or on the link below and learn this simple six step formula.

No credit card involved. What you have to do is click on the link, on the next page submit your details and show up next Monday at 15:00 London time

Free ticket below:…


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