Hi I noticed, there are many Violin makers following my page, I apprecaite you!

Let me ask you a qestion.

Do you believe making violins is an amazing profession? And do you also believe, you deserve making some money in it? And… hey, do you believe you have done enough to differenciate and adapt?

I've been in this profession from 25 years now.

And I have noticed how much it has changed.

I see so many incredible violin makers, on all stages of their careers crying:

"Whoa, how can I survive? The Chinese work for 150 bucks a month and I can't! I am in the USA (UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal…)"

Or makers complaining about musicians being too picky.

Or makers complaining they can't get predictable results…

And hey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with them (or with you) if you feel something from the above is familiar to you.

You have probably never been shown simplicity.

Something as simple as what even potentially illiterate Masters in the 17th century could understand, do, and not need notes to remember?

How to differentiate?

How to create your own rules?

And then, how to build value in your offer?

Because, look! If you don't build value there will always be people who will always try to convince you there is no (or not much) value in what you do. And that's simply not true. Agree?

I am going to cover the 4 skills you need to make and sell Violoncello da spalla in a FREE online Masterclass.

Simply grab your FREE ticket below, a notebook to take plenty of notes – you won't find this information anywhere on planet Earth – a bucket of popcorn and plenty of passion for violin making.

FREE web-class for instrument makers.


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