Have you been inspired by Violoncello da spalla in the hands of great violinists: Sergey Malov, Sigiswald Kuijken, Ryo Terakado? Then you can watch this silly, silly, silly video 🤣😂😅(try not to laugh)

Have you wondered the 3 skills you need to master it fast and how I, a part-time violinist (who, so they say, "can't even play"), learned playing it in 2 weeks, raised my concert fees up to €5000 without even asking, and how you could simply copy what I did… Even if currently nobody knows your name or people and government in your country do not care about Classical musicians?

Hey, in 15 years of creating these incredible instruments I've learned a lot and here I want to share with you Three Tips.

☝️Tip #1. A belief many violinists and violists (who have never seen this instrument LIVE) is this: "If it took me 20 years to master the violin, it will take as much time to master the Spalla". You're right, this is exactly what happens when you learn violin or viola.

The fact is: Tomoe Badiarova was on concert stage just 5 days after she picked this instrument. And she has even recorded a CD with an outstanding ensemble. This is because your violin/viola playing technique is more than enough to play this instrument too.

☝️Tip #2. An assumption many violinists and violists who haven't seen this instrument frequently make is: "It is too big, too bulky, looks uncomfortable". You are right again, judging from the perspective of violin/viola playing!

The reality is: on this instrument your hand is in a natural, relaxed position, which allows you to stretch your first finger too and reach wider intervals without such a strain and pain as on the violin. This instrument hangs on the belt, meaning it is lighter to hold than the viola.

☝️Tip #3. The fear in connection with this instrument some musicians have is money.

Some violinists and violists have observed, if it is difficult to earn enough money even with common instruments, such as Violin or Viola, therefore, it must be even harder with Violoncello da spalla.

Again, if this is your experience, you're right! There is no shortage of really good violinists and violists and this can make things more difficult, however would you agree there is shortage of violinists and violists who can also play the Violoncello da spalla?

This means you could double your desirability as a member of various ensembles and double your income. Or, if you're like myself, you could 10x your concert fees and get on stage at majour venues, even if you potentially have no sponsors, no agents, no promoters and you don't want to get involved in backstage politics.

If you found value in these 3 tips you will love ❤️ my FREE online Masterclass, starting today at 15:00!!! (Amsterdam time)

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You won't find this information anywhere on planet Earth. Guaranteed.

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