Imagine you are a violinist or violist 🎻 and one day your mobile phone rings, you pick it up, and you hear something like this from a complete stranger:

“Hello, we don't know each other, I found your phone number on your website. It looks like you are a violinist? Oh fantastic!

Well, the thing is, I have discovered two very old-looking books, manuscripts on music. Would you be interested to see?

Yeah, the title page says Sonatas and Partitas for viola Solo by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Oh, no, it says Viola. Yeah, not “Violin”!

I know about the violin, this one clearly says a “Viola”…

and the other book says "24 Preludes for Cello solo" by Johann Sebastian Bach.

I just thought you might be interested to see?”

Imagine… you get a phone call like this and you are a violinist or violist and you are someone like myself, you're really passionate about Classical music and about what you do.

What would you answer to that person?

Would you say, “Thank you. I'm not interested at all”, OR “Wow, this is so Amazing! Where and when shall we meet?
I would love to see this music!”

Imagine you have just made a discovery of something like that!

How would that affect your feeling of self-esteem the feeling of the contribution you are making into classical music, would that attract more curiosity towards what you do?

Would that attract more concert opportunities, more money and more of everything GOOD to YOUR musical life, yes or no?

And would that be welcome?

Well, the thing is this video is exactly that kind of phone call that you are now watching and I want to invite you to make the discovery of the instrument for which Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his immortal 6 cello Suites and for which so many Italian important cello composers wrote their Amazing Music for this instrument.

What you have to do now is click on the link, or on the button somewhere below or around is video, on the next page grab your FREE TICKET my forthcoming online master class and show up for your own sake.…


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