Today’s online Masterclass dedicated to the Violoncello Da Spalla had some technical problems again with the sound dropping several times. But… never mind.

What an amazing audience that was! From Australia to US! Wow!

Next Thursday will be repeating it!

I will be showing you the 3 skills to master VDS fast, not just technically, but completely conquer it from A to Z, including even the finance in the success formula, the ingredient removed from artist education curriculum worldwide… what a hypocrisy, by the way! Would you agree even musicians deserve to eat and have shelter?

What makes my Masterclass unique is the simple fact it is the only place on planet where where you can learn about both the spalla and about the no-nonsense artist success formula from the creator of both.

Meanwhile, I hope you will find some enjoyment in the little video souvenir from my workshop. Or even discover VDS if you have never seen it before.

See you soon!


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