How to transform music life with violoncello da spalla? We can make it really complicated, or we can make it very simple. What suites you better?

They are 3 Skills a young and adventurous violinist or violist needs to master Violoncello da Spalla really fast and get on stage as a chamber music musician or as a soloist, and attract all that attention of mass media, TV, magazines, newspapers, and, of course, raise your concert fees.

I'm going to share with you these 3 Skills at my forthcoming online Masterclass. Wanna learn?

What you have to do next is click on the link below this video and and on the next page register for the Masterclass. It's FREE and you can join from anywhere you want.

And by the way! Bring your violin or the viola! It is going to be interactive!

Get your Free Instant Ticket now by clicking on the link below:…


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