How to transform your music life with violoncello da spalla?

Look, you can make it really complicated and find every possible way not to succeed.

Or you can make it very simple and succeed very fast.

They are Three Essential Skills you need to master Violoncello da Spalla really fast and get on stage as a chamber music musician or as a soloist, and attract all that attention of mass media, TV, magazines, newspapers,
and, of course, raise your concert fees.

I'm going to share with you these Three Skills at my forthcoming Masterclass.

It is online.

So what you have to do now is click on the link below this vide and and on the next page register for the Masterclass.

And by the way! Bring your violin or the viola because this is going to be very interactive!

Really looking forward to speaking to you very soon.

Free Instant Ticket:…

P.S. Who is this for?
It is for you if you're a violinist or violist and you're thirsty for more music, more success, more contribution and more recognition. Or if you are an instrument maker and you want to learn more about instrument making, acoustic, and all aspects of running a successful instrument making career.
Who is this not for?
It is not for you if you are a Mrs or Mr Iknowitall and you are not opened to learning.

Here is your private registration link:…


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