May I ask a question?

Is it possible to be on stage as a soloist, with a stringed instrument which you have never played, just a week after you started?

Before you say "no" let me share a story.

It's Brussels 2005. You are at my violin making workshop on the 14th floor.

Surprising view on the Japanese pagoda located in the Royal Park. The view of Zaventem International Airport on the horizon, and you see the entire city is beneath the long balcony you are standing on. At the workshop you feel mixture of smells… varnish, spruce shavings, glue… Tools here and there, bench, a large viola-like instrument sitting on a paint brush instead of end-pin. The varnish is drying…

Suddenly the phone rings.

You see me picking up, "Hello, it's Dmitry"

"Hey, Dima! How are you? It's Sigiswald on the phone. How is it going with your spalla?"

"Hi, Sigiswald, going great! Erm… I am afraid I won't be on time for the Haendel festival…"

{ Whispering: Naughty me! I knew I would be perfectly on time to finish the instrument }.

"Oh, no, Dima! Please! You can't be late for this! The program is fixed you know", you could tell some nervousness in his voice.

I was not sure if I would be on time to also learn how to play: the concert was in two weeks.

Well, the instrument was completed I had Whole Two Weeks to learn couple of fingering and bowing tricks. LOL.

Then there was the first rehearsal with La Petite Bande and the concerts…

A feeling of total freedom play.
Free from all preconceptions.
Free from schooling habits, good or bad.
Free from judgements, your own, or anyone else's.
Freedom to play the way you feel and feel the deep resonance of its magnificent C-string and the tender piercing sound of the e'.

And, oh, yes! Same fingering! Just the results are very different. Including bonuses…
Soloist fees, rather than tutti.

If you're somewhere in your career where one or more of the above is missing or can be improved, would you agree that all you need is a new vehicle?

What vehicle would that be?

This is why I am so passionate today to share a few stories about the vehicle known today as Violoncello da Spalla and which composers called simply "Violoncello".

P.S. My wife Tomoe Badiarova on stage (and a CD recording) barely a week after she started.

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