It's been 15 years violinists and violists who have never even seen a Violoncello da spalla in real life complain "It's too biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig!"

I am wondering, when I am going to get tired of dealing with the most ridiculous objections people can invent, and, why – sometimes I wonder – don't they use the same creativity to make their lives better. You are probably sometimes wondering the same, aren't you?

However, here are the good news:

I will apparently never get tired.

And even better news:

I will never give up helping people to discover.

Imagine Casals would have given up mastering the Cello Suites "It's tooooooo diffifififificult!"

LOL. That's what the respectable experts thought for hundreds of years.

Imagine, people who revived Cremona as the city of violin making thought it wasn't possible.

Today you might think, violin-making tradition had never stopped in Cremona.

The truth is, after the 2nd world war it came to a total halt and nobody knew anything about violins in Cremona. Today it's different.

Would you agree, YOU can make a difference?

I am going to help you discover even more at the next week's webinar.

And, yes, if you want to really succeed, here is the secret:

“The only way you can write is by the light of the bridges burning behind you” ~ Richard Peck

And the only way you can have success in anything, _specially_music_: play big, go all in, burn the bridges to light the way and make success inevitable.

Just in case potentially you thought, "Violoncello da spalla is amazing but…"

Stay in tune. Dmitry

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