Hi, two goals in this video: 1. to play a few sounds for you on this new Violoncello and 2. help you learn potentially something new.

Did you know?

French author Sebastien de Brossard in the 17th century wrote that the Violone in France and Italy was the same instrument, except that the Italians held it up side down?

And the English author Hawkins, at the end of the 18th century, wrote that what they call Violoncello was formerly called Violone?

And here is why this potentially matters:

If you are a musician you might help music lovers learn and uppreciate music even more.

This will make music more understood and more appreciated.
And this will make a different kind of musician, with a whole myriad of positive things flowing into your life in even greater abundance.

Would that be welcome?

Now that you know, what are you going to do?

Just play notes, and play GREAT? Or also share your passion and help grow appreciation of music cultrure?

It is so simple… and it is even 10x times more profitable than just playing notes while working for someone even if you play like God, which is what today majority of musicians do anyway.



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