"Don't let the noise of other's options drown out your own inner voice" ~ Steve Jobs

Have you probably discovered a curious thing?

The moment you express your position, share your knowledge, act on what you're passionate about, you instantly polarise. Maybe even you even start seeing two kinds of reactions: positive and negative.

Sometimes very negative.

Potentially, every now and then you meet people who just don't see any value in you or in what you do. They might even try to cover you in layers of their mental poop, make you feel guilty, derail you, want you to give up.

In fact, I guarantee, they will try and when they do, the best you could do is feel profuse gratitude for making you even stronger.

The good news is, this never stops.

There bad news is, there is this thing called fear…

Some people even do not realise they have fear.

That's why apparently you see me hearing this from creative people:

"If I start expressing my opinions, some people will not like… They will attack me… I don't want to offend anyone… I might loose job… I will loose friends… I cannot express myself… I am not ready… And… And… And… "

Ever met such people, yes or no?

And… then they come to full stop or half-action, half-opinion, half-life, half-passion, half-results, somewhere right there in the middle… AKA mediocre.

The truth is, negative people drop like dead flies off the glass. Period. They just don't stay around for long.

And here is where magic happens when you discover yourself surrounded by amazing, positive, likewise minded people.

Is that not whom you want to share your time and passion with: the amazing, positive, likewise minded people on a mission, yes or no?

You might be saying, "But, Dmitry, there are just not enough such people around me… You know? It's only in [The Netherlands… select another country] where you meet such people…"

Look… Here it the math.

There are 7.5 billion people on planet Earth.

Even if 99,5% don't like what you do, the remaining 0.5% is still a whopping 37,500,000 people.

When you stay behind the bush and never show your voice, they will never find you…

As result you might end up dealing just with the negative people and perhaps even start thinking like them.

The problem with that is, instead of all the amazing things you always wanted and you are capable of, you will potentially get dreams unfulfilled.

Remember this: now it is the best time to be alive and the right time to start is now.

Now you know… so what are you going to do?

Happy New Wednesday!
Wishing you successful completion of your today's top three goals.

Feel free to share with any friend who you think might benefit from their learning this from you.

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