You see this handsome chap-violinist, green-grey eyes, short haircut, nose with a slightly bumpy nose, a bit like Owen Wilson, in this room smelling of varnish and tone wood,

"What kind of violinist you want to be, how do you want to be seen by people in your area?" you see me asking…

"Whoa… what a glorious question… I never thought about it!" he exclaims visibly flabbergasted or puzzled or both…

For some musicians it may have been the dream of playing in an orchestra. Or maybe not… something bigger.

For myself, at the age of five, I dreamed to give that spark of happiness in people's eyes from experiencing music…

We conversed a bit about this… At the end you see him telling something I did not expect, "Thanks… That was conversation of a lifetime".

I thought, it's just been a silly question.

Silly – because we prefer to stand superficial at all costs.
And I feel superficial is not worth living, please, correct me if I am wrong.

What has it been for you?

Happy Celly Weekend.

P.S. Profusely grateful to all musicians who put trust in my work and commissioned instruments of my work and design. A giant proportion of all earnings will be routed into keeping ancient traditions alive: teaching the six step formula to building a successful career in music in the 21st century, violoncello da spalla, and the fine disappearing art of fine instrument design… As well as for charitable causes, and that's – for me – the ocean.

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