Join me playing Violoncello da spalla on the shore of this barely inhabited tropical island which I "discovered" six months ago, landing here off a sailing boat after making 849 miles in the Atlantic ocean, in the light of the Milky Way, accompanied by dolphins, flying fish and calamaris. And then the dream was born: here, on this island, I will host our first training event for musicians and instrument makers.

The question you want to ask, if you are a violinist or violist is this: How can I fill up my halls even easier, even without agents or promoters or sponsors? How can I attract even more success while working less? Why music lovers love what I do even more and why am I getting paid even better?

Would adding a Violoncello da spalla dimension to your career and an ocean of untouched incredible repertoire move you closer to your goals or away from it?

In fact, what is easier: being one in millions of musicians fighting for the same few spots at competitions or orchestral vacancies or being a pioneer creating opportunities and keeping ancient traditions alive?

And what do I mean by ancient traditions anyway?

Here is what I mean:

Classical music and musicians, Violoncello da spalla, the ancient art of fine violin design and everything around it…

Even if you would have to travel in the light of the Milky Way, breathing ocean air, swimming with the tropical fish… Is it worth it?

#AmbasciatoreAncientTraditionsAlive #AmbasciatoreDelVioloncellodaspalla #badiarovviolins

P.S. Share this with any string-playing friend who might benefit from learning this from you.


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