“A good question is never answered. It is not a bolt to be tightened into place but a seed to be planted and to bear more seed toward the hope of greening the landscape of ideas” ~ Anthony Ciardi

Do you have something to do with violins and music?
I want to share a story.

It's September 2016, Los Cabos, Mexico. You are with me at Fiesta Americana an all-inclusive resort. You smell the ocean, drying kelp on the rocks, feel the white hot sand under your feet, warm breeze on your skin… You see colourful tropical fish fleeting from under your feet as you walk into the waves. It's an amazing place to forget everything!

But you are here not to just forget but to also learn, because you are potentially like myself and you too believe 2019 in not the same as 1980 in music industry. In fact, it's MUCH better…if you know how.

You're in a conference room. You see rows of tables. Blue light on the stage. More than a hundred people listening a speaker on stage: "What is the WHY you're doing what you're doing? The thing is, if your WHY is not big enough, you will find excuses not to do what you're born to do."

"Yeah… true", you feel thoughts running in my head as I look through the open window on the horizon of the blue ocean outside, maybe even you too are now thinking: "I know plenty people who quit when going gets hard or settle for less… sometimes even for the mediocre… just because it's comfortable".

Have you ever observed the same thing, yes or no?

Or maybe even yourself you potentially felt you were born for something more?

Maybe even more than you are currently doing and more than your parents, best friends, circumstances, colleagues allow?

To help you find that WHY, specially if you're a violinist, I wrote this very special easy to read free eBook and you might want to grab it and get inspired… even though, it is about distinguishing between fine and crude violins.


Here is why there is a connection…

I believe, there are fine and crude violins. There is crude and fine playing. There are common musicians and enlightened musicians. You would probably call me a snob for this or potentially agree, but I believe, there is a huge difference between the two.

It even has nothing to do with just the technical prowess. So, the question is, which would you like to be, a common musician or an enlightened musician?
A bolt or a seed? Or leave the good question unanswered? 😀

See, there are instruments like bolts and there are instruments like seeds.

The same is true about musicians.

Some are bolts. Some are gardeners who plant seeds in their listener's souls.

What do I mean by seeds?
Seeds is the message.

I believe, clear message is a part of the creative process in 2019 and beyond, because people have too much of everything. Specially free music. In fact, write this down: clarity and only clarity cuts through the clatter.

See, I believe, it's the planting of seeds that gives flowers, food, harvest…

You can probably see, there is a benefit in planting seeds?

Does it apply to music?
Yes, let me share how.

This is what filled my concert halls when I got fired, nobody would employ me and that's after 12 years of being a core member of two of the finest ensembles on planet. It's the message that has helped to put the audience into my hall, from 5 to 350 people, starting with €0 budget, no promoters, no agents, no local music mafia support. And this has also put money on my account, an increase of up to 20x times from what's considered to be the "norm".

The great news, it even does not have to be a 40,000 people in the hall or a multi-million production.

And that's even not all…

Just imagine, feel the love of your audience coming to you after the performance, to tell how your playing and your message made sense, touched something deeply in their hearts. And, yes, they are looking forward to your next concert.

Would you benefit from this, yes or no?

My passion is helping both musicians playing stringed instruments and musical instrument makers to find their WHY, their message and become those gardeners that plant the “seeds”

If you are an independent violinist, violist or cellist and you want to learn more and get inspired simply grab the free eBook.

Simply click the link below, and I will send you a private download link instantly:


P.S. Common objection: "Why not just post a download link directly, why the BS?" Here is why. I love to share a lot. Also information which did not come to me for free. And I share even more with people who trust me and find value in what I do. It's like welcoming these kind people to my home rather than just leaving the door open for strangers to come in, take whatever they like or break something and leave 🙂 Does it make sense? Then let me know if you want the FREE eBook: https://m.me/badiarov.violins?ref=w5218412


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  • Betsy Kiehl

    Reading your stories are like reading a good book. You are very descriptive and it’s as if I can actually place myself there. Ever consider becoming a writer?

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