If you're an independent violinist or violist with interest in early music, have you ever thought one of these things:

1. There is too much competition, the scene is too crowded and you might have an easier success if there was less competition…
2. Not enough musicians in your country are interested in early music, if only you lived somewhere else you'd be able to achieve even more, easier and faster?

Which ever your situation is, the answer to your problem is Violoncello da spalla (more about it in the video, in the very unlikely case you still don't know what it is).

Here is the thing.

If there is too much competition in your area, make the competition irrelevant by adding violoncello da spalla to your career. Boom.

Early music lovers and music lovers in general will love you for it even more and you will have a much easier time building your career, faster, more fun, more enjoyable.

If there are not enough people interested in your area, no problem, make your career even more attractive in countries where there is more interest by adding violoncello da spalla, something they don't have, and permit yourself to be invited overseas, make more music with people who are interested and enjoy an even better musical life.

Would that be welcome in your life?

Feel free to become an ambassador for ancient cultural traditions such as classical music. I am here to help.

#ambasciatoredelvioloncellodaspalla #AmbasciatoreAntientTraditionsAlive #violoncellodaspalla #ambassadorofvioloncellodaspalla

P.S. Enjoy the sound. I am also playing it in this video for you.


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