You are in The Hague. I think around 2014 or 15. It’s freezing cold and sunny outdoors.

You see me at my living room, white bookshelf behind my back, my bro and my wife chatting on the beige coloured sofa. It’s comfortably warm, you hear soft jazz pouring from the speakers, candles lit on the teak dining table. It’s Christmas time.

Suddenly the phone rings, “Dmitry, we need two violinists for the church service and I thought, maybe you could play with your wife?”

My bro, behind my shoulder and overhearing the conversation jumps up out of joy, “Yeah! Let’s do it! Let’s do it! Family concert! Christmas! That will be fun!”

Feeling the pressure and feeling that would be triple fun – family concert, Christmas and inauguration of my brother’s new violin, you see me answering, “Ok, Pat! We are in! Is the band complete?”

“Yes, Dmitry, almost… We just don’t find the cellist”.

“No problem, Pat, I can play the cello part on Violoncello Da Spalla and the violins will be fulfilled by my bro and my wife, would that be welcome?”

“Wow? Do you also play the cello? That would be amazing!”

And it was an amazing magical Christmas with Buxtehude cantata followed by lunch at our favourite restaurant by the sea side, followed by a very brief almost adventurous walk near the 🌊 of Scheveningen beach.

Fierce wind. Cold. Sunny and triple happy.


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