A fine violin. What is it? Why even to bother?

Potentially you felt you could achieve even more as a serious, committed violinist.

Maybe you felt you could even start from a higher level if only you had a better instrument, a fine one.

You could play more concerts. Record more CDs. Enjoy more respect, if you only had that violin with depth, warmth, projection… your best friend that will pull you through anything.

And you know it is worth it to you…

But you potentially just don't know for sure what is a fine violin and nobody could give you a system to make an informed assessment.

Is it the wood? Or the varnish?

Or who the previous owner was?

Or is it how cleanly it is made?

LOL… if it was just about cleanliness, most antique Italian violins would have never been considered "fine violins" and most of the modern would…

Is it the arching?

Is it the thickness?

Or is it the price?


Not at all.

None of the above…

So what is it then?

If you ever had any of these feelings or questions, massive congrats because you've just discovered something!

I've created just for you a free guide, "How to distinguish between fine violins and violin shaped objects and never pay more than it is worth. In three easy steps".

Easy steps because I know you have no time for difficult steps and you don't want to risk anything, specially not your money or your musical career.

So, is this PDF for you?

Just click the link below and I will send you a private download link. Act now will I still run it or miss it for ever.

Click the link:

P.S. You might want to help other violinists to learn. They might thank you for this. Feel free torepost.


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