The secret step is – think bespoke.


It saves you time which you could use to achieve even more, yes or no?

Some musicians are looking for the violin of their dream for years. Even decades. And potentially they never find…

(This is sometimes an excuse for not having the career one dreamed about, "If only I had a better instrument…")

The thing is, you could walk into the workshop of the violin maker in your town and simply Make This Happen Now.

Well… why now?

Because it is NOW the most amazing time to be alive, yes or no? At least, this is what I believe and I wanted to share

Well… some musicians tell, okay the time is now, but they don't have the money.

The thing is, having a terrible instrument can be even more expensive. Do you know how?

Actually, I've noticed, many musicians don't know how to tell between fine violins and terrible violins. And they don't always know about prices, costs, value. Maybe it's even you, not exactly sure?

Would it be useful to know?

I have written a free guide, an ultra easy to read PDF, "how to distniguish between fine violins and violin shaped objects and never pay more than it is worth, in three easy steps.

Click the link below and I will send your private download link.


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