I wonder how do you feel about it being on stage and when:

* You feel it's a joy to play your instrument,
* When you get lots of overtones,
* When you get lots of resonance,
* When it has certain resistance,
* When it projects through the largest of the halls,
* When it has depth,
* When it has warmth,
* When it breathes like a human (it's the higher frequencies),
* When it sits incredibly nicely in your hands,
* When you can trust it will pull you out even if you potentially did not have the time to practice more…
* When it remembers for you the things you've practiced…
* When your great neighbour plays a hundred thousands worth of a fiddle, and your's is sounding just as great if not better…

Have you felt – it makes you an even better musician?

That's how I felt on stage.

And when you feel an even better musician, people who listen to you, colleagues who play with you also tend to feel the same way and it is contageous, isn't ite?

And when you feel even greater, then potentially even your health is getting better because you feel better…

It seem to have a far going amazing effects: to have a real friend and a reliable partner in your instrument, yes or no?

Are you feeling the same emotions about an amazing instrument or how would it be different for you when you do and when is it the right time to start?


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