Violoncello da spalla, or the harmonic free-hand design method is not going to disappear from planet Earth like it did once. Strange enough, everything gets forgotten first in Italy… anyway, that's another story.

It just takes a group of passionate people to reverse the course, yes or no? Let me try to prove it.

Pablo Casals might find it astounding…

First, he demonstrated the world of skeptics that Bach's Suites are not a mere exercise, rather – it is the most amazing music arranged for countless other instruments too, not just played on Violoncello (which wasn't bass – the word used for the modern day cello in Bach's days).

Now you might join the ranks of Casals and Kuijken, and Malov, and Terakado and others thinking differently and discover the instrument for which the "exercise" was composed.

People who care just love it.

It is a pure magic in the making and you're a part of it already. How does this make you feel?

By Takumi Takakura, an outstanding violin maker in Tokyo, also a friend, also a teacher of many, many, many violin makers on that land.


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