"How much?" he asks, a very young violinist speaking English with sweet French accent.
"Do you mean price, cost or value?", I ask.
"Erhm… sorry, what do you mean? Is it not the same?", he asks

He is about 170 tall, brunette, short moustache and a matching beard, gentle, somewhat unsure movements, with a violin in his hands… you get the picture!

Maybe even you have been in such situation, when shopping for a violin of your dream. A BIG decision to make.

"No, they are not the same. Price, cost and value are three totally different things", I said, "Are you OKay if I explain you the difference?"

And so, I went on and explained the differences in a few minutes.

"Dmitry! Wow! Why do I hear about it now for the first time in my life!!!"

Here is the thing.

I noticed too many musicians have no idea what is the difference between price 1, price 2, value and cost.

The problem with this, is that then they go and make THE MOST DISASTROUS mistake in their lives and they even do not know.

This is why I wrote this FREE guide for you if you are a serious professional, or a young professional in Classical music, violinist, violist or cellist, maybe even thinking outside the box.

How To Distinguish Between Fine Violins and Violin-
Shaped Objects And Never Pay More Than It Is Worth.
In Three Easy Steps

Click below and download it now (delivered via Messenger):

Grab it while it is still available! Something might happen, the website might go down, my computer can crash, I can loose the file… Have you ever lost a file? The same thing can happen here.

So, click below, grab the file, transform your career and share your knowledge with others. 2 seconds effort and I guarantee it will be the deepest knowledge around fine violins you ever came across. Even if you're a Strad owner. Even if you've been making fine violins for 30 years.

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