More than just Veracini Ciaconna with Baroque violin and Violoncello da spalla. You are also going to learn:
1. Two Secrets To Improve Your Violin Making Instantly,
2. How To Get Your Custom Created Top Quality Instrument With 100% Certainty If You Are A Violinist And You Are 18-40.

Step 1: Play the video. Step 2: Read the Secrets.

Secret #1.
ALWAYS play the violin in the white before varnishing.

You can easily adjust LOTS of things without re-varnishing, without opening the instrument, without weeks of extra work and avoid all disappointment later.

This is how masters shape the sound and the feel of the instrument.

Secret #2.

NEVER try to get the "finished" sound from a white violin! It must sound somewhat wooden, almost harsh. Varnishing will make it noble and it will project in the hall like a cannon. If you get round, noble sound from a white violin, be alarmed. Varnish will most certainly kill it either immediately, or a few years later.

Enjoy the video and feel free to react (using your keyboard or type pad), the way you react to your colleague playing next to you

P.S. Huge thanks to my wife Tomoe. It's not easy to play the violin which has NEVER been played before and which is still white


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