With Gabriela Carpinteyro, one of my apprentices now creating instruments for international clientele, and also carrying the ancient knowledge of bespoke fine violin design and
Violoncello da spalla into the future…

If I were to die today, the results of my over quarter century of passion and dedication to Classical music would not be taken into the grave.

LOL… Anyway, how many more instruments I'd be able to create in my life given I don't work 12h work days 7/7? I recon, it will be 20 or 30. An ultra limited supply.

I believe, the fine traditions around Classical music, which include even instrument making because without instruments there is no music, deserve spreading and appreciation.

And thus, I also beleive there is no place for ego, fear and selfishness. So, what's the alternative then? Win, win and win instead. That's what I believe.

If you are a musician or an instrument maker passionate about what you do, and if you have a friend who might benefit from education, share this video with them.

p.s. In Spanish. Maybe I can find somenone to put English subtitles into it.


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