13th month of monthly travel. Call me a road warrior. A variety of venues in and around London, Kent, Birmingham, Mexico’s Cabo San Luca, now in California’s San Diego, next in London again and then in Lanzarote (which is a jewell).

On a mission to give professionals in music the six step pathway to connect with more people and make the life an amazing experience worth living for, through music, and -yes, where the artist is not the victim but the hero. LOL, that’s because colleges teach only the step #3 of six.

To give string players a voice: the secret is creating outstanding instruments using the lost seven part system even a child can understand and in which I am freakin’ awesome. Even though there is a system, there is no shortcut: an authentic real thing called “violin” can’t be copied from poster – it takes time to hone one’s senses.

For the real depth lovers among the professional and even amateur string-players, there is the enigmatic little cello, the real deep voice that causes one’s body and heart resonate (physically that is) and that caused even the New Grove Dictionary of Music to re-write their entry on the cello.

My mission is a bit like a cake, complete with icing and a 🍒 cherry.

I love travel.

While on the road I prefer to wear easy deck shoes by Gill, a serious sailing gear maker. My black Delsey suit-case is a cabin-size and it typically fits three white polos Lacoste, three non-iron shirts and a gym wear.

There is also my MacBook Air, my Panassonic GH5 with a Leica lens, a mini-SD card reader and Rode’s filmmaker’s kit as well as portable carbon fibre tripod. And, oh! Almost forgot: my Moleskin and iPhone are always with me too. #TCS #musician #classicalmusic #badiarovviolins


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