Here is what it does:
1. It creates an environment where you become of an even higher demand.
2. It pays better, because if you are potentially the only in your country. You can and SHOULD ask a premium.
(Look, it's almost like this: how many people can press a button and serve a coffee? A lot. Which is why it is difficult to get paid a lot as a coffee-serving professional. It's similar with violins. There are a lot of people who plays violins nowadays and most of them play it pretty well. Employers will mostly take the best and the cheapest). Solution? Just add a rare skill.
3. It's an amazing feeling to just play and enjoy music, the technique is the same.
4. It is patrimony of the humanity and it deserves to survive, just like music and musicians.
5. It's almost a spiritual cause of being a musician…
Just click if you want a private link and have fun learning!


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